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Applicant Print your name and Alien Registration Number in the box outlined by heavy border below. Complete This Box Family Name Given Name Alien Registration Number Form G-325A Rev. 03/29/18 Instructions What Is the Purpose of This Form USCIS will use the information you provide on this form to process your application or petition. Complete this biographical information form and include it with the application or petition you are submitting to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services USCIS....
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Who needs form G-325A?

Those who are applying for a green card or a later adjustment of status.

What is G-325A?

Form G-325A is required in connection with most green card applications, often accompanying initial visa petitions or the later application for adjustment of status. It asks for the immigrant’s basic biographic information in order to provide the U.S. government with sufficient background and process the green card application.

Is the G-325A accompanied by other forms?

Yes, G-325 is accompanied by other standard immigration forms, and often is sent along with either visa petitions or adjustment of status applications.  

When is G-325A due?

Form G-325A is due with your other immigration applications or petitions.

How do I fill out the G-325A form?

Most of the form is self explanatory. It asks for information such as:

  • Family name, former spouse names, current spouse information.

  • Residencies of applicant over the last five years, should be listed in reverse chronological order.

  • Employment of applicant.

  • If G-325A is connected to other forms

  • Printed name in native language.

  • Printed name and alien registration number.

Where do I send G-325A?

This form should only be filed according to instruction on another immigration application or petition. Make sure G-325A is adequately signed as USCIS rejects any unsigned form G-325A.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form g 325a
Instructions and Help about form g 325a biographic information
Hello this is me Yuri from e-Filipino women today I'm going to show you on how to fill out your form g-325 a or biographical information Biographical information is also the same form that you have to fill out when you are filing forum I-129F petition for fiance visa you can also use this form in other types of Visa common application that you it's a common paper that you have to fill out for biographical information as in personal information about you,previous addresses so biographical information I'm going to fill it out for my i-485 application for permanent residence in the United States we're going to start now i'm in google and i'm going to type form g-325A you'll see a PDF and click it you'll see here on the screen the G-325A biographic information I'm gonna start filling this out family name now so that I've already married I'm going to use my last name from my husband so I'm gonna put brown my first name Yuri my middle name Mahinay female is my gender date of birth is 10/24/1988 citizenship Filipino file number I don't have that file number thing next is all other names used you can put your full name there before you got married like i'm gonna i can put sincero yuri Mahinay and then my city and country of birth:Manila,Philippines then my U.S social security number after that I'm going to fill out my family name of my father then first name of my father date of birth then the city and country of birth Manila Philippines and then city and country of residence Manila Philippines okay so next one is my mother's maiden name meaning her middle name when she was single so I'm gonna put Tayag Priscilla then my mother's birthday city and country of birth Manila Philippines city and country of residence Manila Philippines proceeding to next question current husband or wife so I'm going to put my husband's last name brown and then first name Bruce date of birth 9/13/1978 city and country of birth Seattle USA date of marriage next one is place of marriage was which is seattle former husband or wives now I don't have a former husband or wife so I'm just going to leave this part blank then next one is applicant's residence last five years and here present address first so I'm gonna put four addresses from the last five years here because I've been living to 4 addresses in different locations within that five year five years I'm going to put the street name the city province or state Manila country Philippines and the dates were when I started living in this address month of when it ended was june 2013 next address street and a time when I left this address next address street name and number the date when it ended and the last one that I'm going to fill out is my present address in the United States 1122 pikes Creek City is Seattle and then province estate is Washington and country is USA then the month that I arrived and started living here which is September 2014 up to the present time applicants last address outside the United States of...